ACL Surgery Preparation

With all the stress of getting yourself organised before an ACL reconstruction, it can be hard to know what you really need to do besides stress. However, the better prepared you are for your ACL surgery, the smoother your recovery and rehabilitation will be.

A complete ACL Reconstruction and Recovery Guide in the form of a downloadable ebook has been prepared which will detail a whole list of specific things that you should do before you have your ACL surgery. It will save you having to rack your brain trying to think of what you might possibly need to get done.

In addition, here is a sample of what else you will find in this downloadable guide:

One of the easiest ways to tear your ACL
What you can expect to feel straight after you tear your ACL
The answer to whether you're worse off having an ACL reconstruction or not
How long it takes before you can return to full sport or activity
The chances of re-injuring your reconstructed knee (according to the statistics)
How to find an orthopedic surgeon to perform your cruciate ligament reconstruction
Three things you'll need to do to confirm that you've got a torn ACL and need an ACL reconstruction
Proof that you don't have to wait one or two or three months to have your ACL surgery (even if your doctor's waiting list is massive)
Why it's worth checking that the hospital has your correct personal details (especially if you have a fairly common name or share the same name as a family member)
The best time to do the things that require you to bend or kneel (especially if you have any household chores or responsibilities)
3 vital bits of information you must know and take with you to the hospital on the day of your ACL surgery (or you could end up in a pretty bad state after the operation)
One thing you will definitely want to do the day before your ACL reconstruction (especially if you are overly conscious of hygiene and cleanliness!)
Why you can expect to be asked the same set of questions repeatedly before your ACL surgery (even though you're sure you gave the right information the first time)
The stages you'll go through when you wake up from your ACL reconstruction surgery
The physical limitations you can expect after your ACL surgery
A vital piece of information you need to give the medical staff when they try to get you to stand up and walk for the first time after an ACL reconstruction
Three things you will need to buy on your way home from the hospital
3 ways a rolled up towel will make a world of difference in your first couple of weeks
The miracle that prevented one patient from going completely insane and soothed his pain on the very first night after his ACL reconstruction
The trick to having showers in the first week after ACL surgery (unless you're planning not to have any!)
When and how to begin your ACL recovery program to get successful results sooner (your ACL recovery timeline ultimately determines how quickly you return to normal life and your activity or sport of choice)
The one thing you need to avoid at any cost to ensure you don't ruin your cruciate ligament reconstruction (if this piece of advice is not heeded, you could find yourself back on the operating table)
Two very different methods that are critical for going up vs. down stairs after your ACL reconstruction (again, this one tip could ensure you don't find yourself back in hospital)
How to know when you can safely go out in public (this depends very much on where you're going and who will be there)
What to do when the dreaded "clicking or crunching" noise turns up in your knee
Pictures of what you can expect your knee to look like for a couple of months after ACL surgery (this is meant to inform you, not scare you!)
What the 5 ACL surgery scars will look like and what you can do about them to make them almost disappear (especially if you like to wear shorts or skirts which reveal your knees)
How soon after your ACL reconstruction you can start driving (this also depends on which leg you have operated and whether your car is automatic or manual)
The most unexpected place to find bruising after an ACL reconstruction
Specific limits to how much weight you can carry in the first 10 days (as well as what movement you MUST avoid when carrying anything)
1 simple item that will make your work day so much easier if you work at a desk
3 things the orthopedic surgeon will look for in your first visit after your ACL surgery to measure your progress (getting this reassurance from your orthopedic surgeon can give you an amazing confidence boost)
8 priceless tips to ensure your success in the early stages of ACL recovery
The signs you need to watch out for so that you don't end up with complications due to blood clots (if you end up with blood clots and don't treat it early, your recovery takes a whole new dimension which you want to desperately avoid)
The difficulties you can expect to face if your knee cap goes out of place (this happens to a large percentage of people who have ACL Surgery)
The solution to the knee cap problem with step by step instructions and pictures (if you don't get on top of this knee cap problem, it will slow down your recovery dramatically)
4 physical activities you will be tempted to do at about the 40th day of your recovery but must not do under any circumstances (doing so could undo all your hard recovery work)
4 conditions that are critical when you go for your first jog (ignoring any one of these could put you at great risk of re-injury)
A full physiotherapy and rehabilitation ACL recovery program for the first 5 months (nothing is left out)
25 essential things you should do to prepare for ACL surgery (no one tells you these things)
Close-up photos of the knee after an ACL reconstruction (not to scare you, but so you're prepared)
Excellent links to Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction medical information that is reliable and easy to understand (especially for those who are not medically trained)
Full details of what an ACL reconstruction will cost you (all details explained so that you will know exactly how much money you need to set aside)
How to choose a good physiotherapist for your ACL rehabilitation and recovery
Discover where to get inside information on which orthopedic doctors really are the ones with the best reputation
35 incredibly important statistics and facts that you absolutely must know before you have an ACL reconstruction

As well as a lot of other useful and practical information.

The point is this: it is absolutely essential that you are well prepared for your ACL Reconstruction and that you have a practical reference and guide handy while you are going through the recovery and rehabilitation process after ACL surgery

There is a long road to recovery and the downloadable ACL Reconstruction & Recovery Guide will explain everything you need to know about what you'll experience, what to prepare for, what a full ACL Recovery Program looks like, the most important knee exercises, and how to increase your chances of a full recovery.

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