ACL Reconstruction & Recovery - Lessons and Tips

Knowing where to start and how to go about organising and preparing yourself for a knee reconstruction is a daunting thought. And after your knee surgery, often it is the little things that will make the difference between an average recovery and a great recovery, a painful recovery and a comfortable recovery, a frustrating recovery and a smooth recovery, a slow recovery and a fast recovery.

Every ACL Surgery patient is strongly encouraged to get hold of the ebook which you can access and download right now from our website which contains a great number of lessons and tips to make your ACL Reconstruction experience smooth, comfortable and successful.

Here is just a glimpse of the sorts of lessons and tips you'll find in the book:

How to find an orthopedic surgeon to perform your Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery
Proof that you don't have to wait one or two or three months to have your ACL surgery (even if your doctor's waiting list is massive)
The best time to do the things that require you to bend or kneel (especially if you have any household chores or responsibilities)
Three things you will need to buy on your way home from the hospital after an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (which you might be very thankful for)
The trick to having showers in the first week after ACL surgery (unless you're planning not to have any)
What to do when the dreaded "clicking or crunching" noise turns up in your knee
1 simple item that will make your work day so much easier if you work at a desk
The signs you need to watch out for so that you don't end up with complications due to blood clots (if you end up with blood clots and don't treat it early, your recovery takes a whole new dimension which you want to desperately avoid)
How to choose a good physiotherapist for your Anterior Cruciate Ligament rehabilitation and recovery
Discover where to get information on which orthopedic doctors really are the ones with the best reputation
Vital pieces of information you need to give the medical staff when they try to get you to stand up and walk for the first time after a Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
3 ways a rolled up towel will make a world of difference in your first couple of weeks
The miracle that saved one patient from going completely insane and soothed his pain on the very first night after his ACL surgery

As well as a lot of other useful and practical information.

The point is this: it is absolutely essential that you are well prepared for your ACL Reconstruction and that you have a practical reference and guide handy while you are going through the recovery and rehabilitation process after ACL Surgery.

You can access all the information you need for your ACL reconstruction immediately online. It will explain everything you need to know about what you'll experience, what to prepare for, the most important knee exercses, and how to increase your chances of a full recovery.

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